With over thirty years in the art of audio production for radio, television and now the internet, AudioCzar Productions is THE choice for your audio production or professional voice talent casting needs.  Search our Voices page to hear some of the finest voice talents from all over the United States. From the Voices page you can cast and select the right voice for your next project. AudioCzar can produce and deliver voiceovers all in one place. We can record the voice of your choice and you can listen and direct the talent in real time! That’s what makes us different. All of our talent record from high quality digital studios in real time using ISDN high speed technology.  We’ve done thousands of voice over projects for our clients and we can help you find the right voice for your job today. Click here to request a free estimate!

Free Demos

Even after you’ve listened to a talents demo, you might still like to hear the voice of your choice read your spot. NO PROBLEM, just find the voice or voices you like on the Voices page, tick the checkbox on the left hand side and hit the “REQUEST DEMOS” button to send an email to us to request a FREE DEMO read of your copy. One of our scheduling czars will contact you to get you on your way!

Spot Production

Need AudioCzar to produce your entire spot? With thousands of music choices and just about any sound effect you can imagine, AudioCzar is your one stop production shop! Sound design, music selection and editing are our specialties. Our recent clients include-Verizon Wireless-The Home Depot-Captain D’s Seafood-Pontiac-GMC and Chevy Truck-Home Box Office and the list goes on and on. Click here to book talent and get started today!

Original Music

AudioCzar specializes in original music that sets your production apart from the others.  Click here to request an estimate or demo!

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The Studio

Equipment List:

Digital Recording

Audio Consoles

Analog Recording

  • MCI/Sony jh24 24 track 2” tape

Audio Monitors

Ancillary and Musical



Whether it’s a hard sell car ad, a corporate narration or on-hold telephony, we have the voice professionals you’re looking for. Our talent have years of experience voicing commercials for a large variety of clients. The list of national and regional advertisers our talents have read for could fill this entire page, so we won’t bore you with the details, because as they say, “the proof is in the pudding”. Take a listen to our voice actors’ demos and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect voice to compliment your ad production. Click the checkbox next to the voice talent’s name and hit the “REQUEST DEMOS” button to request a free demo read of your script. One of AudioCzar Productions scheduling czars will contact you to get the ball rolling today.

1Bob OM30's to 40'sseasoned, mature, sophisticated, real, believable
2Carl HM20's to 30'sfresh, calm, classy, real
3Catherine SF30'swarm, friendly, flexible
4Chad EM30'spositive, round, believable, direct
5Chris NM30'swell rounded, guy next door, real person
6Deborah HF30's to 40'ssincere, warm, positive, sensitive
7Denise KF30'ssmooth, warm, cool, seasoned
8Ed WM20'sreal, natural, funny, guy next door
9Joel HM20'sreal, character, funny, anti-announcer
10Jonathan HM20'sguy next door, serious, playful, youthful
11Kathy LF20'sbelievable, strong, good character
12Lance HM30'shuge voice, attitude, big delivery
13Mike OM30'sheartfelt, smooth, cool, real
14Nancy Mc F30'swarm, good character, real, believable
15Neil WM20'swarm, real, clean, believable
16Peter RM30'sfun, upbeat, positive
17Rick TM20'swarm, real person, non announcer, believable
18Sheila HF30'snational, concise non announcer, strong
19Steve SM40'snational, strong, believable, mature
20Tim GM30'sfull, warm, strong, believable
21Vera McF30'smature, positive, sensual, warm
22Wayne TM40'sstrong, upbeat, sincere, national


AudioCzar Productions featured voice of the month-Sheila H

This months featured Voice Talent is Sheila H. Sheila is a national voice over talent with a smooth, smokey sexy delivery. Very versatile and polished! Let Sheila bring your next production to life! CLICK TO PLAY SHEILA H DEMO

AudioCzar Productions-Complete Audio Production!

AudioCzar Productions is your complete audio production solution.  You can audition and cast professional voiceover actors for your productions.  AudioCzar can add music and sound effects to complete and produce your radio or television spot.  With thousands of music choices and every sound effect imaginable, AudioCzar can deliver professional high quality first rate audio! Using our phone patches, you can listen and direct the talent of your choice in real time!  Need to hear one of our voiceover announcers read a demo of your copy?, no problem at AudioCzar Productions.  Select the voice of your choice on our Voices Page and request a FREE DEMO! read of your spot.  Call us today at 205-969-5969 to have one of our Scheduling Czars get you started!  Not finding the voice you need?  Call or email us. We can cast just about any voice talent and can find the right voice for your needs.

This months featured Voice Talent is Steve S.

Steve is a national talent with a big bold strong delivery.

Let Steve bring your production to life!


Welcome to AudioCzar Productions!

Welcome to AudioCzar Productions. AudioCzar is THE place to audition, cast and book some of
the finest Voiceover talent in the United States. Go to our Voices Page where you can listen to Voice Talent demos, select your talent and either schedule a session or request a FREE DEMO!

This months featured Voice Talent is Steve S.

Steve is a national talent with a big bold strong delivery.

Let Steve bring your production alive!


GTE Wireless

Work Example: GTE Wireless

First Commercial Bank

Work Example: First Commercial Bank

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Verizon Wireless 2

Work Example: Verizon Wireless 2

Captain D’s

Work Example: Captain D’s

Birmingham Bulls

Work Example: Birmingham Bulls

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